Top Ways to Use YouTube for Education

YouTube is one of the most widely used entertainment sites on the internet in 2022 – currently, it has around 2.1 billion active users/month from almost every corner of the world. This is one of the reasons that many instructors use this platform to impart knowledge.

Another reason to use YouTube is that there are so many YouTube channels that are related to music, digital marketing, filmmaking, photography, graphic design, and many other fields of study. Videos on these channels generate millions of views which not only help the content creators to enjoy the maximum engagement, but also earn a good amount of money.

In the classroom, YouTube can contribute using educational videos on YouTube and students can benefit by using a global and practical approach to education. To stream videos without interruption, you need a stable and affordable internet connection like the one offered by Spectrum Internet. Spectrum Internet services can easily reach you just by dialing the Spectrum Phone Number present on their website.

However, despite being one of the largest entertainment sites, YouTube also has certain limitations for viewers, especially when it comes to viewing educational content. But, the good part is that you can get through them using the following ways.

Block Video Ads That Show On YouTube

There are so many websites that earn because of YouTube ads. These ads can become a clear distraction to the classroom’s environment and decorum. They can quickly divert the attention of the students from the lectures, discussions, or tasks they have at hand.

To make sure that you keep such disruption at bay, try using an ad-blocking browser extension that is available for different browsers. These are special apps that can help you block banners, malware, pop-ups, and different video ads on websites.

These apps are not always 100 percent effective, but you might be able to see some improvement once you get them installed.

You Can Remove Suggested Videos

Based on your preferences and past views, YouTube can suggest videos that you can watch later on. You can block a YouTube video on the class’s social media group or on a Learning Management System. This can eliminate distractions to a greater extent.

However, sometimes YouTube’s suggested videos do appear out of nowhere. These videos sometimes have some inappropriate thumbnails that might not be suitable for students of some ages. You can always turn them off and resolve this issue.

You Can Use YouTube Using the Safety Mode

You should keep in mind that not every type of content is suitable for students. There are very strict rules about the type of content one can create and upload. But still, there are some users who create and upload content that might not be suitable to be viewed by young minds.

A way to avoid this can be using the Restricted Mode on YouTube which lets you hide videos with content flagged as inappropriate by other users. You can also make changes to the settings of your browser that can apply to the search option and be used for your students and class environment.

You Can Start YouTube Videos at a Specific Time

You might want to share YouTube videos with students and wish to get their attention to a certain point in time. Or you might want to use a certain part of the video that you do not understand. A good way to do so is to tap on the video and select the Get Video URL at the current time option for the same result.

Turn Off the Auto-Play Feature

In many instances, YouTube automatically plays the next video when you finish watching your current video. This is because you might have the auto-play feature on YouTube enabled. In this case, you can simply find the auto-play option and disable it. This way you will never have to watch any videos right after completing a video you just watched.

You Can Add YouTube to PowerPoint

Many users who use Microsoft Suite are familiar with PowerPoint. There is good news for them as they can add videos from YouTube to their slides. This was a much-awaited feature that users of PowerPoint could only dream of.

Today you can add up videos if you are presenting lectures using PowerPoint slides and even ask students to add creative videos to their presentations. Using videos for your lectures or presentations makes things more engaging and lessons to be less boring.


In the end, one can say that you can add up so many things to your classroom environment and use many other social platforms. This is going to make things go one step ahead for you and make your lectures more engaging. In the current age, students and teachers can learn more about a subject from YouTube and get a better grip on it.

Using YouTube for educational purposes is one of the best and most affordable ways to get education for students who cannot go to school and want to learn a skill or art online. Learning things this way is not only useful but also very affordable as well.