Our Vision

Vision Statement to create a happy, successful and meaningful life for people of all ages.

Mission Statement to empower people of all ages and cultures to awaken knowledge, strength and compassion for living a happy successful and meaningful life.

We Believe if we develop an understanding that the source of happiness lies within our minds and not in material possessions and entertainment, this becomes the seed for developing psychological and spiritual understanding. Similarly, when we discover that benefiting others is the quickest path to happiness, we will begin to create more compassionate cultures.


Team Of Professionals

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Happiness is not something ready made. Its come from your own action. There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path. That’s why we start this project to spread happiness.
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Co Founder

Malick Ali

You dont need to many people to be happy. Just Jalad Dudes

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make you Happy and make your life full of fun.

Doing the right thing

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Upcoming Project

There is  a big news for our Community Soon we will start a project in which we will promote different local and international brands ,,, i.e shoes , jewelry  ,  clothes , and we will promote  new restaurants and Fast Food places. and

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