Online Gaming For Mom and Dad …

Did you ever asked the question what your kids were talking about at the dinner table when they started saying words like “virtual reality” or mostly “RPG”?  you’re not the only one . “Virtual Reality” or “RPG” are not the new internet stuff that you don’t know – these are acronyms from the gaming world and on this article we will introduce you to some common forms.

If you thought of the web when you first heard VR or Battle Royals however, that’s not what you’re thinking. Sometimes it’s for the online environment, “VR” or “RPG” – which consequently mean virtual reality and role playing games – are two words of a gaming world that gone very popular. The age of playing scrabble in front of the fireplace has changed in today’s generation, but we don’t believe you’ll hear too many people complaining about it as you may go and play those games online and bring back the good memories. Today’s generation is all about the online gaming, mobiles and tablets became the new consoles and the high speed internet helped adding more interaction to the gaming world.

Available to anyone with a phone not even a computer or a PlayStation or an Xbox and good Internet connection, there are thousands of gamers to play with and make the day more fun and enjoyable… and sometimes it’s all free. There are different genres that you can play as a family or alone from your mobile, board games and more complicated games. One thing that they all have in common however is that they’re really fun to play. You can start experimenting on a good platform with tons of games to enjoy.

These games may or may not involve other players, but they’re always full of fun, they’re fast to load, since everything on the web is now about streaming from movies, TV series, live events and probably anything you can think of, games are no exception here, the days of downloading games and installing them and hoping that they work, and probably dealing with compatibility issues are gone, especially for small games that you like to play on the go. Since they run online, no special equipment is needed, your phone’s screen is your joystick and if you’re playing on your pc then you’ll use your keyboard and mousse depending on the type of game you’ve chosen. You can try RPG games they’re not that complicated and no more difficult to play than chess.

Other genres of online gaming are more aggressive than the ones we talked about above and it’s like to the “shoot-em-up” type games that you may remember on the first PlayStation versions. Designed from the first person’s point of view – FPS – the player typically maneuvers around the screen as a weapon-clad hand – periodically changing weapons as the game’s scenario permits.

Online gaming is the future of gaming, all the industry’s big companies have known this, and cross platform games have democratized the gameplay, one person on a phone can participate and play against another player overseas with a console and still the best who wins, the interactions and the sharing of gameplay is just another subject with so many companies like twitch that built a big business worth billions by making gamers live stream themselves playing video games and sharing those moments with others.