During this pandemic people with obesity found it more and more difficult to lose weight, the situation got more complexe, since the priority is to stay at home and so many people are used to work out in gyms and running outdoors.

Stress also is another big factor, social distancing and constant hygiene are not always easy to maintain especially when a lockdown is there for a long period. These factors impact the commitment to the diet and the discipline for so many people suffering from overweight and having health issues.

It was reported by many scientists that people with obesity suffered from high levels of anxiety and stress and even depression at the start of this pandemic, in a survey of more than 100 adults with obesity, almost 70% of those people said that they have struggled to lose weight during the covid-19 pandemic.

Mental health is also a big issue more than 80% reported symptoms of depression, 10% of those reported losing their job during the pandemic. Mental health is the biggest problem here, and gaining weight is a result of the situation, add to that, wearing a mask all day and not having a good amount of oxygen during impacts the functioning of the brain.

So what’s the solution to get out of this situation, I think stopping the work out is the first step towards complicating the problem, even in a small space, you can always open the window and do your exercise, stretch and try to burn the maximum amount of calories, exercising not only impacts in the physical side of the body but also the amount of oxygen that is loaded to the brain also helps improve your mood and get rid of the stress.

The second most important thing is to eat healthy and stay away from snacks, I know that it’s hard to resist when you are by your self and there isn’t much to do and you have to get something to make the day more fun, but you have to think also to the downside of getting unhealthy food all day, is the effort you’ll need, to lose that weight you’ll gain in these circumstances.

So keeping an eye on your weight and keeping track of the changes will make a challenge for you to exercise more and to improve your health, there are good tools to calculate your weight loss, and to keep an eye on the amount of fat in your body.

Don’t neglect the importance of having a good amount of fresh air full of oxygen and a good diet to improve your mental health issues, serotonin is a component that your brain needs and it has the most impact on your mood, take some nuts and exercise and your serotonin levels will increase, try having a good quality sleep by getting to bed early, and wake up In the morning and start your day by exercising, the physical efforts you will do during the day will help you to get tired and sleep easily during the day.

Finally, always take advice from your doctor and keep tracking of blood pressure and glucose level in your blood, also put a schedule of fun things to do with your family during this period to decrease the amount of stress in your daily life, and of course, stay safe.