Most of the professionals in the advertising industry agree to the fact that obtaining a degree isn’t a must to get started in the industry,

Now with social medias everyone is doing some sort of advertising for his own brand which is him, so we’ve started to see this social competition between people when they open their instagram account or youtube channel, because when your get into one, then the game has started and you have a number of subscribers or followers that you need to bring up to be e-socialy a thng.

so that’s how things have become nowadays, advertising was something on newspapers radios, radio, and billboars for brands now advertising is a video or an image that you take using your phone and the channel is social medias, and the brand is you. 

Before to get your word out you had to call up local radio and television stations and even ad agencies. and if you want to do it the underround way is to go through an email list, trying to contact people that have emails and they do actually ready them, since it’s not the case nowadays, people only ready what is important and you can do a quick check of your promotion folder on gmail and you will have an idea about what i’m talking about.

Before to work in the advertisement industry, usually there are lots of chances for internships in the production department. If there is any success in finding an internship, bring it to the notice of the internship director, most probably her reference can be of some advantage. If these attempts don’t work, you will havve to volunteer to work for free at any local fair, functions and events, display your creativity to the fullest. This can catch the attention of someone important sometime who can give you that jump-start.

Nowadays you can starting by promoting on social medias for small brands and startups until you get some good level in emarketing and start building your own agency, especialy if you do good in editing video and doing cool animations.


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