1. Free directories and free content websites:

Directories are perfect for customers that are searching for a particular topic. What’s great about them is that you only have to post once and they are good for long periods of time. It saves a lot of your time when you don’t have to resubmit your information every week or every month. I still feel it is worth it to get your link out there. Just take one day and set it aside for posting to free directories. You won’t need to do it again for at least 6 months.

2. Classified Ads:

These are great for work from home businesses. Think about it. Where do people go when they are looking for a job? That’s right-the classifieds.

The only downside to classified ads is that you have to resubmit them quite frequently. Once you find which classifieds bring you the most traffic you can concentrate on them and weed the others out. So it is really more time consuming in the beginning, and doesn’t have to be later on when you get the hang of things.

3. Free article submissions:

The best way to inform others about your product or service is to write an article about it or make a video explaining everything about it and then share it with everyone. In your bio box, you can tell readers about yourself and where they can go to check out your product or service.

This is also an excellent way to get free links to your site if you have one. There are a lot of web owners out there who are looking for good articles they can post on their site. If they post yours, that is another site that is doing the advertising for you. All for free.

4. Giveaways:

the crazything about giveaways is that people when they know about them you have a very huge load of trafic comming to submit for it, this is a social thing that has been already proven and done so many times, it’s not free since you’re going to give something but i think the results are way more better than advertising the simple way especialy if the giveaway is well needed.

5. Forums like Reddit:

Put your product or service in your sub category and profile and let people know about it,  in your signature, when you sign up and when you’re discussing different subjects in the forums. It will be displayed every time you make a post. Try to look for topics that you have some knowledge on, and can give a relevant answer too. Do not spam anyone, you will get kicked off and you will get a bad reputation. Get involved asking and answering questions that pertain to your area of business. Forums are great because once you make a post it stays there forever. It will get moved to the archives eventually, but someone could still find it if they were searching the archives. Yes, there are many people who do.

6. Traffic Exchanges:

Probably the most time consuming way to advertise for free, but definately the most effective. Most websites I have visited have said in many posts that they received a lot of their profit from traffic exchanges. If you don’t want to spend the time surfing for credits, you do have the option of buying them. I would look into a program that lets you surf multiple websites at once like crazy browser. There are others and they are free.

7. Other influencers on social medias:

Become involved in a group that has to do with your kind of business. You can usually mail the influencers with an offer for show up on each other channels or accounts once per month for instance, but I would encourage you to find something fresh to talk about each time. People will tune you out if they see the same message all the time. Remember to never Spam anyone. 


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