Russia intends to jail Ukrainian until he’s 70 for photographing an aerodrome that is disused

Russia intends to jail Ukrainian until he’s 70 for photographing an aerodrome that is disused

The earliest regarding the Kremlin’s Ukrainian governmental prisoners is now 63 and will also be 70 before he could be released if Russia has its own method. Viktor Shur happens to be imprisoned since December 2014, after being held without usage of a lawyer or his family members until he had ‘confessed’ to charges that are spying.

Shur could be the son of the well-known Chernihiv art collector, and ended up being himself tangled up in company, using this entailing travel that is regular Ukraine and Russia. It absolutely was as a result that whenever the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 he plumped for Russian citizenship whilst having permanent status that is resident Ukraine. Their household is Ukrainian in which he himself now holds Ukrainian citizenship, received as he had been imprisoned. Shur’s wife passed away in the past, in which he had been staying in Chernihiv, assisting their senior daddy. He’d supported Euromaidan, and soon after helped Chernihiv volunteers.

Shur is certainly one of a few Ukrainians whom, because the start of Russia’s violence against Ukraine, are arrested and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment on secret that is‘spying The suspicion that Russia’s FSB first seizes a Ukrainian after which chooses what things to charge him with appears verified in Shur’s instance by initial insufficient any quality regarding the costs against him. […]

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